VCORE Solutions Appoints Trent Swanson as Chief Commercial Officer



VCORE Solutions Appoints Trent Swanson as Chief Commercial Officer

Brings Two Decades of Technology Development and Implementation Experience with Fortune 500 Companies and Other Organizations

May 1, 2016, Bethpage, NY — VCORE Solutions, a leading-edge Internet of Things (IoT) software company, has appointed Trent Swanson to drive its new commercialization strategy and plan centered around the convergence of IoT and surveillance technologies. Mr. Swanson brings deep experience working with Fortune 500 clients to design and implement large-scale IT systems that are critical to business strategies and objectives.

“VCORE is truly a pioneer in the merging spaces of IoT and surveillance solutions, and I am thrilled to lead the commercialization activities of the business,” said Swanson. “Large organizations in both the private and public sector have an urgent need to make their operations more productive, more efficient, and more secure given the proliferation of cameras, devices, and other objects that require connectivity to generate actionable intelligence. VCORE is uniquely positioned to make this possible with the fourDscape software platform.”

In his role, Swanson will lead sales, business development and product marketing functions for the company. Prior to joining VCORE, Swanson founded and ran a technology consulting firm serving a variety of best-in-class clients in the retail, consumer products, healthcare and other sectors. His expertise and engagements focused on supply chain, finance, CRM, and mobility solutions.

VCORE developed and markets the fourDscape software platform, a highly unique system that connects and integrates devices and sensors of all types into one visual common operating environment, allowing users to manage and protect critical assets through a flexible, scalable command center tool that goes well beyond cameras and basic surveillance functionality.

“Trent brings a unique and important skillset to VCORE at a key point in our early commercialization history,” said Board member and investor Bill Leone. “He has a keen sense for the market and industry trends and how to shape strategies and product offerings to win business. We look forward to having Trent drive the adoption of fourDscape across various market segments.”

About VCORE Solutions

VCORE is a leading-edge Internet of Things (IoT) company that aggregates connected devices into one common operating environment through a highly secure, visual software platform. VCORE’s flagship product is the fourDscape® system, an innovative cloud-based solution that integrates live video and audio feeds, sensor data, geospatial maps, analytics, and other intelligence into single view for unmatched monitoring and response capabilities. fourDscape allows users to manage and protect critical assets cost-effectively, and is able to adapt as connected devices of all types change and are added to a customer’s network. fourDscape is used by transportation companies, university and hospital campuses, and public safety organizations, and has application in other segments, including energy and utilities, industrial goods, and smart cities.

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