VCORE Solutions Joins Partner Program of Hanwha Techwin


VCORE Solutions Joins Partner Program of Hanwha Techwin (Formerly Samsung Techwin)

VCORE’s fourDscape® IoT Software Platform Will Have Ability to Integrate Hanwha’s Cameras and Other State-of-the-Art Surveillance Devices

Bethpage, NY, June 6, 2016 — VCORE Solutions, a leading-edge Internet of Things (IoT) software company, has signed a partner agreement with Hanwha Techwin to offer customers more complete and differentiated surveillance solutions in a variety of market segments. VCORE developed and markets the fourDscape system, a highly unique software platform that connects and integrates devices and sensors of all types into one visual common operating environment, allowing users to manage and protect critical assets through a flexible, scalable command center tool that goes beyond cameras and basic surveillance functionality.

“Hanwha is one of the global leaders in providing video surveillance hardware and customer solutions for safety, security and other vital purposes,” said Trent Swanson, chief commercial officer of VCORE. “fourDscape will establish seamless connections to proven Hanwha surveillance technologies with the intent to offer competitive solutions for smart cities, public safety, and a range of industrial markets.”

Originally, fourDscape was developed by VCORE co-founders Richard Balfour and Robert Balfour, Ph.D as a highly advanced surveillance and response solution, applying decades of experience in computer science and visualization technologies rooted in the aerospace industry, to offer organizations unmatched situational awareness capabilities. As organizations have witnessed the hyper-growth of connected devices designed to provide security, IT, field-based, and other professionals with real-time, usable intelligence of all kinds, the Balfours adapted fourDscape into a more versatile IoT software system with new layers of functionality. Their groundbreaking work has been supported consistently by prestigious science and technology grants from government agencies and showcased in a variety of public and private sector settings.

About VCORE Solutions

VCORE is a leading-edge Internet of Things (IoT) company that aggregates connected devices into one common operating environment through a highly secure, visual software platform. VCORE’s flagship product is the fourDscape® system, an innovative cloud-based solution that integrates live video and audio feeds, sensor data, geospatial maps, analytics, and other intelligence into single view for unmatched monitoring and response capabilities. fourDscape allows users to manage and protect critical assets cost-effectively, and is able to adapt as connected devices of all types change and are added to a customer’s network. fourDscape is used by transportation companies, university and hospital campuses, and public safety organizations, and has application in other segments, including energy and utilities, industrial goods, and smart cities.

About Hanwha Techwin

As a part of Hanwha Group in Korea, Hanwha Techwin offers reliable video surveillance solutions to meet the current and future needs of security professionals. Based on optical and image processing technologies accumulated over 30 years, Hanwha Techwin has solidified its leadership position in the field of security solutions by developing and manufacturing cutting-edge security systems, including cameras, video recorders, and IP network devices. No longer confining our capabilities in video surveillance, Hanwha Techwin is stepping toward a total security solution provider.


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